Rugged Country Lodge
1807 SE Court Ave
Pendleton, Oregon, 97801-3348, United States
877-778-4433 | 541-966-6800
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Welcome to the Rugged Country Lodge!

I’m so happy you discovered Rugged Country Lodge and our website. I’ve got a hunch you found us because you’re someone who’s probably a little bit like me-- you love finding the unexpected in lodging, having grown weary of the same old homogenized experience found in all those other chain motels. And I’m betting you want a good value to boot. Well, rest assured, you came to the right place! As a well- seasoned traveler myself, I’m always looking for that special little place that pays attention to the details, is sparkling clean, feels cozy and warm- -like a bed and breakfast—all the while exuding a unique vintage charm that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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And that’s the fun of Rugged Country! As an independent small business owner I get to do it my way, which means I’ve packaged up all those qualities into one darn cute little place that is anything but boring! Rugged Country Lodge isn’t for everybody, but it is perfect for YOU--the guest who wants a serendipitous vintage experience in an authentic roadside motel in historic Pendleton, Oregon. Once you’re here, we guarantee you’ll dream soft!