“For all you offer — you could charge a bit more! Well worth the value!”

“Your lodge says “we care” — and I appreciate that.”

“Staying here was like staying at someone’s much-loved home.”

“Lovely, all excellent! Way, way, way above average!”

“You can’t improve on perfection!”

“Your room décor is excellent – also a good price!”

“I’m very glad we stayed here — we felt the comforts of home!”

“I wish you folks were a national chain. You beat Holiday Inn!”

“I like the “luxury” that you provided here. Feels like a friend’s home.”

“I’ve traveled the country coast to coast many times. This “home away from home” will forever be top on my list. I couldn’t have done better myself. I absolutely loved it!”

“I loved the room; very clean, very comfortable & homey.”

“Beautifully decorated! Best beds we’ve had in a hotel/motel in a very long time. Very comfortable, charming room. Awesome! Thank you.”

“Thank you for such attentive and thorough housekeeping — we really enjoyed our stay and will be back!”

“This is such a cute place! Thank you!”

“Finding your place as we were heading out of town was a blessing. It is the best place we have ever stayed. So warm and cozy. It was truly like going home. We are going to make a point of staying here next year when we go on vacation. Thanks for the great night’s sleep and the amazing breakfast.”

“Room very quiet and very clean — enjoyed stay – thank you!”

“Regarding room cleanliness and comfort: Very comfortable, felt I could walk barefooted on carpet – that’s a biggy for me. Please don’t change a thing.”

“Love the beds! If we could stay longer we would.”

“Keep up the great work! Four stars! Five stars for breakfast!!”

“Keep up the great work! I was not expecting such a clean, cute and hospitable place for pulling off the road at midnight – outstanding!”

“Loved everything! Thanks! and loved the cookies! Nice extras!”

“Keep doing what you’re doing!”

“I can’t think of any suggestions for you – My stay was great. Excellent!”

“Keep doing what you’re doing — my husband and I look for places just like this in our travels and it’s hard to beat Rugged Country Lodge!!”

“Very appealing driving by; very nice room, excellent shower and beautifully decorated everywhere!”

“I highly recommend staying here! Thank you, God Bless!”

“We had a very nice stay. The bed and pillows were wonderful – best sleep away from home in a long time!”

“Gorgeous flowers and decorating. We were so impressed with this place we decided to stay a second night – loved it!”

“The breakfast was great! You are doing a fabulous job!”

“What a very pleasant surprise! We usually stay at large chain hotels. But when my husband was making reservations for a pass through Pendleton, vacancies were scarce — lots of conventions in town. He decided to take a gamble on Rugged Country Lodge. He gambled well!”

“RCL truly is home away from home. The care and pride of proprietorship was apparent in all the quality appointments and details of our room and the entire motel.”

“We were really impressed! And we’re hard to please!”

“This is a terrific surprise for a small place and we loved how quiet it was!”

“Pretty flowers and very nice décor. You can tell someone takes pride in this motel! Great job! We’ll recommend you to others.”

“The room was quiet and the beds were perfect! So soft!”

“You folks are appreciated!! We’ll be back!”

“We’ll be back! Great beds, they were super comfy.”

“Yesterday’s ride was difficult. Pendleton was a sight for our dust laden eyes. Just knowin’ the Rugged Country Lodge would be home for the night was enough to hold my spirit. As my head dropped to the pillow, I began to slumber, dreams of our trip were comin’ to an end.”

“Loved the personal touches, garden, smell of flowers as you walk outside, etc. Excellent place!”

“Our relatives put us up for a stay at an exclusive hotel in Seattle. They paid an outlandish price for that night. In spite of that, everything else had a price. I even had to pay .10 a minute to use the phone! That place could easily take lessons from you about customer service!”

“Keep up the good work! This is a very well-run facility. It’s a real pleasure to find a locally owned place like this. Being dog-friendly is a real plus.”

“Your motel is decorated in a very homey way. We truly enjoyed staying here. We travel a lot and dread staying in motels. Your motel is a pleasure to stay at. Thank you!” -Bob, Mary and Mindy

“Your extra attention to detail has made this a pleasurable stay.”

“I like the little touches like the lavender, the towel rack.”

“The dining was beautiful, delicious, so much variety in morning selection. Décor — homey and clean. Bed linens were excellent. Pillows heavenly. Great place! I wondered how a Bed and Breakfast could be a motel, but now I know!! Thanks so much — an experience I’ll remember.”

“Our last visit was 1 1/2 years ago (or so) and the décor seems even nicer!! Really like the granola and fresh fruit (melon).”

“Very nice little extras = lavender, bath salts, good bed and pillows, nice towels and VERY CLEAN!!”

“Very nice and extremely helpful – gave great dinner recommendation. RCL is very clean and comfortable; the beds are nice & I love the lavender accents. LOVE the fact that it is all non-smoking!”

“We love it here! We feel safe! Besides we sleep like babies! We always have a dog with us too! It’s nice to have a place that takes our doggies!” J

“We choose RCL because of the cottage serene look and atmosphere, the service and everything! We always recommend your facility to stay. The staff was more than helpful and informative. I love the breakfast because my husband brings me breakfast in bed! ([that] never happens any other time) Toiletries are excellent quality!”

“I love the homey touches! It lifted it above all other places we stayed.”

“Loved your posting of Proverbs! To me it was a good witness as to who you are.”

“Breakfast was great! Not the “pre-fab” continental fare served by most.”

“I was tired; laid down on the bed and fell asleep. When I woke, I went into the bath and showered — Now I was awake and took the towel and dried off — Now I found out I was in a fine motel and better than I expected. The towel was not one from the big chains that had been washed 10,000 times. I now had my eyes open and the whole room was great! The only that was better was the breakfast!!!” -Morris PS: “Only 60 days until Christmas – I would like the RCL for a gift.”

“Great place! Loved the biscuits and gravy – nice change from pastries. A nice treat, good distance from home when traveling to northwest coast. Nice room and staff.”

“The little extras made the stay first rate and most enjoyable. The bath salts, lavender, DOWN BEDDING, etc. And truly non-smoking made our stay so lovely—no horrid deodorizer chemicals! Thank you!” –the Hughes

“Rugged Country Lodge is definitely one of Pendleton’s nicest “secret” treasures! Thank you.” -Grace

“You couldn’t make us feel any more welcome or cozy … what comfort … we were queens for the day!”

” What a find! A traveler’s dream. Pillow mattresses, down pillows, lavender on pillows…!”

” I found your motel by Trip Advisor Recommendations—everything was excellent!”

“We chose Rugged Country Lodge because we heard your beds were wonderful—and they were!”

“This is a very warm and comfortable place to stay; I never thought I would say that about a motel. Your staff are so helpful and friendly!”

“Thank you for caring about travelers.” -Mary (Vancouver, BC)

“Rugged Country Lodge has the best beds we’ve slept in away from home! And beautiful decor! The comfortable touches such as soaps, artwork, and bedding make this more like a bed-and-breakfast! We loved it!”

“I used to travel 150,000 plus miles a year in the US and abroad. Your Rugged Country Lodge is certainly in the top tier. The smell when I entered the hall way to my room…wonderful! The room and furnishings…first rate. The bathroom…great! I wanted to take the bed with me.”

“Best place in town—hands down!”

“We have been home from a trip back to Montana via 7 states and are still delighting in the fact that we drove out of our way to visit Pendleton and were so absolutely and pleasantly surprised to find your beautiful little hotel. We definitely spent the best night of our trip with you and just wish that you were closer to us and we could pop in for a visit more often. Everything was delightful – the wonderful bedding, the sparkling clean and charming bathroom and the touch of lavender. So refreshing! Our hostess was a sweetheart and we felt so “at home” and welcome! We have stayed in beautiful inns throughout California and your lodge would be right at the top of our list. Thank you and we wish you the best!” –Steve & Teresa

“Clean. I just stayed at Waldmark facility for a week and yours was cleaner! Good job!”

“Rejoice for accomplishing such a gracious resting place.”

“Absolutely one of the greatest little motels in the West!”

“We came to your motel last night and fell in love with it. We love the special touches of beauty, comfort and fragrance. We will refer people we know to you.” -Colette (Ogden, UT)

“This feels like a pampered bed and breakfast—Hyatt-Regency class treatment.”

“[It is] wonderful to get a reasonable Mom & Pop motel with such care, luxury, hospitality. Rugged Country Lodge is an excellent value. All the best to you and your endeavor!”

“Thank you for a very relaxing, comfortable and quiet retreat. We will be back.” -Mary & Mike

“It was nice to pull up Christmas Eve to a warmly decorated place.”

“Thank you for the best stay [we] have had for a long time.” -Mr. & Mrs. Ruelas

“The staff far-exceeded the norm for kindness, help and making sure we were having all our needs met. They are very personable.”

“Our room was great—comfortable, very clean, nice furnishings and art. The sprig of lavender was great! Thank you!” -Patti

“You have done a great job! The room was warm, cozy, clean! The small touches mean a lot!!”

“Nice job on the renovation! Your website conveys warmth and you walk your talk. Keep up the good work.”

“The bed/pillows were wonderful. I slept great. What a welcome change from where we usually stay when we come to town.”

“The room was spotlessly clean, very well maintained. I especially noted all the new, very nicely applied tile caulking in bathroom; [this is] unusual and shows maintenance expertise and attention to detail. Even the phone and T.V. remote are spotless!”

“Details such as lavender sprig on bed made a definite impression on my wife who is world traveler. There are just a lot of little things that show pride of ownership and professionalism of staff. Thank you.” -Lee

“We travel extensively and will definitely stay here again. Wonderful accommodations! Thank you.”

“Very clean and cozy—beautiful remodel—very nice bathroom! We love the non-smoking policy. Even the toilet tissue is nice! Thank you!”

“[We are so impressed—you have made this a quaint and comfortable resting place. Well done!" -Bob and Debra

"The lodge which truly is like a B&B. The furnishings are great; we enjoyed the sprig of lavender, the sheets over and under the blanket and were glad to see the Scripture on the outside chalkboard." -Don and Carol

"What a great job you did on this place. It’s one of the nicest in Eastern Oregon now!"

"I love your attention to details: lavender on the pillows, cookies and ice tea."

"The flowers and lavender were an excellent touch. I loved the bath salts! Everything was great. The decor was very comfortable, clean and homey."

"Thank you for clean, comfortable rooms."

"You couldn’t ask for better staff. Your rooms are very clean, nice and we loved the added touches."

"We loved all the personal touches. The decor, soft towels, great bed, etc. You’ve done a terrific job! May the LORD continue to bless you."

"We certainly appreciated the cleanliness and hospitality."

"Keep it a pretty and inviting as it is now." -Doug and Linda

"A darling place, immaculately clean, the toiletries are way above average, plenty of towels, welcome extras and touches... we noticed, as you can see, your efforts to make our overnight comfortable."

"Your decorating was very homey, nice and welcoming. Thanks; we’ll be back. I hope Tiffany is here when we come. She was great."

"We noticed and enjoyed the cookies and attention to thoughtful details: the soaps, the bath salts, the pillow decor, etc. Wonderful attention given to lovely details. Thanks."

"Keep up the good work, it feels like home. Thank you!"

"Your staff are beyond courteous. [This is] country hospitality! Delightful continental breakfast.”

“I loved your decor, which is much like a bed-and-breakfast.”

“Comfort level here is high!! Your touches of luxury make it a real pleasure to stay here. I’m really impressed.”

“Great place—you have done a great job. I love the colors on the walls, the art work and the extra touch of the bed pillow!”

“Thanks for the sprig [of lavender] on my bed and the color of the bath tile—it is lovely to be in a motel with humanizing touches!”

“We liked the many decorative touches throughout!! Thanks for the fragrant stay.”

“We wanted a cozy retreat … [you were] wonderful and extremely accommodating.”

“We choose RCL because it is clean, cozy and warm … your staff has always been awesome to our crew.”

“Elegant decor; newly furnished; moderate price!”

“We chose RCL for the wonderful service, reasonable price and proximity to town.”

“We have been on the road over a week [and] have stayed at many other hotels and B&Bs. This was by far the most comfortable and the most hospitable.”

“I love the hominess—many nice touches that were not like a hotel. We will be back!” -Christy

“We will absolutely stay with you again—we have found a new destination!”

“Impressive decor, hospitality and price!”

“How clean and comfortable … a home away from home.”

“I loved the decor! It is so different from the other places I have stayed for the past week.” -Theresa

“Your room is very cozy and beautiful. We truly enjoyed our stay here and found the homey touches and comfortable beds a delight. Thank you.”

“Staying at Rugged Country Lodge felt like we were in some one else’s home. Thanks!”