Our Story, Rugged Country Lodge Motel

Pendleton, Oregon

Our Story, Rugged Country Lodge Motel

Our Story

Once Upon a Time

When I was a little girl I loved playing house. I spent hours fluffing pillows, picking and arranging straggly flower bouquets and constantly reorganizing my parents’ well-worn furniture. Well, I’m all grown up now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve quit playing house. No, now I’m doing it on a little grander scale!

To date, I’ve re-decorated my way through quite a variety of abodes: a cab over camper, a horse trailer with living quarters, an office building, various homes, a restaurant and yes, I’ve even designed what I call “Ralph Lauren” tipis at the RimRock Inn in Enterprise, Oregon! As a matter of fact, I’d probably redo the dog box, if only I could get into it!

Having a small motel to redecorate has truly been a labor of love and has given me great satisfaction. I’ve tried to make Rugged Country Lodge the kind of place I love finding out on the road, but seldom do. My decorating style is influenced by many things and is tailored to the project, but certainly traveling in Europe has had a major effect. Above all else, my first priority (in wherever my decorating takes me) is to make the space feel as warm, cozy and inviting as possible.

Office Hours

Checking in at our cozy little office is easy you will be greeted by a professionally trained staff member, eager to give you one-on-one personalized guest service–the kind found in four-and five-diamond resorts! We try our best to provide affordable places to stay in Pendleton, Oregon.

Our office hours are 8AM until 10 PM. But don’t worry, if you come in before or after hours, we provide a phone number for you to reach us.